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PUT /accounts/{accountNumber}/domains/transfers/{domainName}

A domain name transfer is a long running process that may run into several problems along they way. If a problem occurs, a domain transfer will block for up to 60 days. The reset call is made to retry the transfer based on some change that will remove the impediment to the transfer's progress. Possible reasons that a transfer will block are:

  • Domain status at the registry prevented the transfer: for example the domain was locked, or in redemptionPeriod
  • Wrong authInfo was supplied and the registry rejected the attempt
  • Domain was registered for less that 60 days at the time the transfer was attempted
  • The registrar or customer rejected the transfer request (NACK)
  • The current authorized contact of the domain failed to respond to the request to authorize the transfer
  • The domain was already pending transfer at the registry



PUT /accounts/{accountNumber}/domains/transfers/{domainName}

URI Parameters

client account number


Request Headers

Content-type: application/json

Request Body

    'authInfo': '{authInfo}'


authInfo - string

The authInfo passed in the request body is optional. If a value is passed it must be a valid authInfo string from 6 to 16 characters in length. If no authInfo is passed the previous value will be used. In the case where the previous value was not accepted by the registry, a new authInfo should be supplied or the existing registrar should update the authInfo to the value that was previously used.


Status Code

202 OK
Domain transfer has been reset
404 Bad Request
One of the required parameters accountNumber, domainName or authInfo was missing or invalid.
404 Not Found
No pending transfer order found for this domain.
403 Forbidden
The domain transfer does not belong to the given customer account.
409 Conflict
Domain transfer is pending but is not in a state that can be reset. For example, the transfer was successfully sent to the registry and is awaiting a response from the current registrar. Use the call to get domain transfer status to see if the domain may be reset.
500 Internal Server Error
An unknown error occurred.

Response Body

No body.


No response parameters.

Example of getting transfer status.


PUT /accounts/acct12345/domains/transfers/

   'authInfo': 'mySecret'


204 OK

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