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FlexCloud Server API

FlexCloud Server is a web service that provides compute capacity in the cloud. It is designed to allow you to quickly scale capacity as your computing requirements change. You can setup and provision Server Instances and other computing resources in minutes programmatically via the FlexCloud Server API. You have full control over your computing resources and you only pay for what you use.

The base URL for the FlexCloud Server API https://api.hostwayenterprise.com/


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A Flavor is a set of resource constraints including RAM, disk size and number of CPUs. They are used to describe Server, ServerListDetails and ServerCreate.


An Image is a disk template that is used to create new servers ServerCreate. They are also used to inspect running ServerListDetails and Server instances.



A Server is a virtual machine instance in the cloud infrastructure. Flavor, Image and Zone are requisite elements when creating a server.

Flexible IP

A Flexible IP address is a static IP address that can be bound to any single Server. When you associate a flexible IP with a Server the IP is bound to that Server's network interface. You will use your flexible IP to connect to your Server. You can allocate IPs and release IPs from your account as needed.


A Volume provides storage space that can be used with your Server. This storage space is independent from the storage space that is included with your Server. Once a volume is created, it can be easily attached to a Server. Once attached, it will appear as a mounted device. You can attach multiple volumes to a Server.

Security/Firewall Group

A Security/Firewall Group defines firewall rules for your Server. You have the ability to configure your firewall connections and secure your network as required. You may have one or multiple servers behind a firewall group. Hostway provides a default firewall group, and typical firewall rules are already configured. You can create multiple firewall groups as needed.

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